Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Hi I’m back for a very long holiday.  It’s been 6 years when I was left my last post.  

Hey I’m officially a quarter of a century year’s old back few days.  I have no idea how time flies so fast.  Alhamdullilah it feels so blessed to have a family, a good friends and loved one. What more can I asked for.

At this age, it is time for me to focus on myself.  Do what makes me happy.  Be environs with a good acquaintance and foods.  And also, learn everything what I love.  Don’t be afraid to make mistake oh young lady.  However, there is a lot of things I haven’t achieve yet.  I want to take this, I want to do that and etc.  Yes, I planned, but He is the best planner.  InshaAllah will work hard for that.

Dear my hereafter, if you read this please remind me what I have to achieve before we get old together. 

OK till the next post.

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